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  • Goji Crunch

    A yummy mixture of organic goji berries, organic raw cacao, and organic cacao nibs. This
  • Cranberry Crush

    Organic dried cranberries & orange zest give this ball a fresh taste.
  • Cocoa-Sin

    Made from organic dark cocoa powder. This is a winner with the kids and chocoholics alike!
  • Carob Craze

    Organic carob powder is used to create our guilt-free chocolate flavoured Bball.
  • Apricot Kiss

    Organic honey cured, turkish apricots, gives this Bball a subtle, delicate flavour.
  • Ginger Fizz

    Organic crystallized ginger is the yummy basis for this ball, one of our best sellers.
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Gourmet Protein Balls
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