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Bballs is the brain-child of a real health believer - Bernard Pantel. It is the result of painstaking hours of ”trials and errors” to achieve and materialise a thought pattern into a tasty nutritional reality ... Bballs are made with natural, organic and chemical free ingredients of high quality mixed in a special sequence to achieve the perfect synergy of quality, health and taste .... It fulfils our mission statement of 3  noncomprimizing prerequisites:

  1. A high protein ratio
  2. A synergy of high quality , nutritionally sound ingredients free of nasties
  3. Must taste great

I am happy to say that we have achieve those goals ... Each Bball contains 10g of easily assimilated protein in a highly nutritionally balanced ball. We let you as the consumer decide the fate of our products ... We invite you to let us know what you think or ask any questions you want.

About Bernard

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 12.38.55 amBernard Pantel is the creator, producer and taster of the recipes of Bballs. He is French, and has spent 15 years in the hospitality industry and owned a very busy and successful bistro in the 80's in Melbourne, a cooking school and catering service.

His passion for health guided him to study nutrition, Kinesiology, herbal medicine and many other modalities. He opened his first Health Centre in 1987 in Melbourne and since then he has owned and managed several health centres both in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

His passion for health and healthy nutritious food and a growing discontent with what was available in the market place spured him to create his own range of products ....... Bballs was born and is now over 3 years old and growing. Bernard is now dedicating his time and energy to the development and growth of Bballs.

Bernard's mission is to produce 100% whole food products that are nutritious, healthy, balanced and taste super good and can be enjoyed by everyone from the young to the lesser young.

All ingredients used in Bballs' products are organic and/or natural pesticide free.

Bballs are free from wheat, gluten and all grain, eggs, soy, peanut, added sugar or sugar substitutes, preservative, additives, colouring and anything with a number. Bballs are a celebration of life!

We welcome your feedback about Bballs and the service we have provided.  Please contribute below:

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  • As I have plantar fascitis exercising changed into now not a choice and needed to change my weight loss plan. I ordered & reordered numerous packets of BBalls at a time and now use them as Write my Dissertation meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. I quickly began to lose the extra weight gained and am continuing to do so. I love Balls and could noticeably recommend them to all of us. the difficulty I've had has been restricting myself to a maximum of two according to day.

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  • Bballs are very good for health... I was reading that Very healthy ingredients used in Bballs,,, You have written on a very good topic. I really liked this. I am book marking your page for the new interesting blog. Keep share you more blog. Good Work. Keep it up. Labelprintingco.co.uk

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  • Jane

    I came across BBalls 6 months ago at Noosa market after a sample tasting I quickly bought a pack and found they were quite filling. After being on holidays for several weeks I arrived home to Melbourne to find I had put on 8 kilos. As I have plantar fascitis exercise was not an option and had to change my diet. I ordered & reordered several packets of BBalls at a time and now use them as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. I soon started to lose the extra weight gained and am continuing to do so. Not to mention they are so convenient so when I'm out and about I make sure I have a a couple on hand to avoid snacking on junk food and stay full. There are lots of protein balls on the market but none as fresh and tasty as bballs. Thanks BBalls ;)

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  • Steve M

    I love Bballs and would highly recommend them to anyone. The difficulty I have had has been limiting myself to a maximum of two per day! Thank you Bernard and Eunice for providing such a wonderfully healthy snack.

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  • Sabine

    Bballs are a nice substitute for chocolate/sweets. I love the taste, texture and variety. Great healthy snack during the day, and my kids love them. Great for the lunchbox.

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  • Kim Knight

    I simply cannot get through my week without Bballs! At 40 I went back to taking weekly ballet classes & use the Bballs to feed my body...They give me the energy to keep up with the younger girls & they taste fantastic ! My favourite? Ginger fizz. Well done Bballs!

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  • Richard Beattie

    I love Bballs because they fit into my lifestyle...They are organic, nutritious, healthy and convenient. When you don't have time to make a healthy snack Bballs allow you to make time for your health.

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