Six Great Flavours

Apricot flavour


Apricot Kiss
Organic honey cured, Turkish apricots, gives this ball a subtle, delicate flavour.

Goji flavour   Goji Crunch
A yummy mixture of organic Goji berries, organic raw cacao, and organic cacao nibs. This ball has serious crunch!
Ginger flavour   Ginger Fizz
Organic crystallized ginger is the yummy basis for this ball, one of our best sellers.
Cocoa flavour   Cocoa-Sin
Made from Organic Dark Cocoa Powder. This is a winner with the kids and chocoholics alike!
Cranberry flavour  

Cranberry Crush
Organic dried Cranberries & orange zest give this ball a fresh taste.

Carob flavour  

Carob Craze
Organic Carob powder is used to create our guilt-free chocolate flavoured ball.

Bballs Base Ingredients

Dried Dates

DriedDatesDates have been a stable food of the middle east for 1000 years. They are high in trace minerals, minerals and fibre. They are a blood builder and help to conquer that sweet craving in a healthy way...

Whey Protein

Whey ProteinWhey is our protein of choice for the Bballs, it is easily assimilated and taste better in our products and give us the high protein content that is our number 1 priority for the manufacturing of our products. We use whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein Isolate (WPI) to achieve that primary requirement. Our WPC and WPI  are from grass fed cows on pastures that are managed without the use of herbicides and insecticides and are produced by  using the “cross flow micro-filtration process”(low temperature process) to preserve the integrity of the Whey that enable us to have a high  and pure  protein content that is essential to our manufacturing.

Protein is essential for optimum health and provide muscle growth , fat loss , improved immunity and is the number one priority for anti-ageing...Each Bballs contains 10g of this high grade whey protein.

Organic Black Currants

BlackCurrantsBlackcurrants are loaded  with antioxidants ,vitamins and contain several rare nutrients like GLA (Gamma Linoloic Acid ),a very rare Omega 6 essential fatty acid and some MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) and loaded with potassium.

Organic Desiccated Coconut & Virgin Coconut Oil

DesiccatedCoconutSo much can be said about coconut ,it has received bad publicity for its saturated fat content and presumed potential to raise cholesterol levels, however following the new research it seems that the ‘BADDY’ has become a ‘GOODY’ and is actually quite important for good health. The fat found in coconut oil is so unique that it gives you an immediate energy of sugar, metabolizes easier than protein and has fewer calories than any other plant or animal fat. It never gets deposited in arteries or organs of your body. Coconut oil  helps regulate blood sugar minimizing insulin spikes and fat storage

Coconut oil is rich in ‘LAURIC ACID’, a proven antiviral,antibacterial and antifungal agent that kills many harmful pathogens, protects against liver damage, supports the immune system and is excellent for skin conditions etc...etc...

Suffice to say that coconut in all its form is an amazing food that should be included in every person’ diet.

It is the best example of “FOOD AS A MEDICINE”

Almond Meal

AlmondMealKnown as the “king of nuts”, almonds are highly revered in some cultures . A rich source of vitamin E and monounsaturated fat and a phytochemical powerhouse which may help protect against cardio vascular disease and even cancer.

Almonds are high  in complete protein (22g/100g)and minerals

Organic Flaxseed

flaxseedsAlso known as linseed, is high in protein, lignans and omega 3 fatty acid ALA (Alphalinoleic Acid)

Flax is a great blood sugar stabilizer and due to its high fibre is of great support to the process of elimination. The way to go...

Organic Tahini & Sesame Seeds

SesameSeedsSesame Seeds are native to Arabia and Turkey and are still thought of as the “Seeds for Immortality”.

A high source of minerals and of complete protein (20g/100g),tahini ‘the butter of the Middle East’ is a creamy paste from crushed sesame seeds and is especially rich in

Methionine, a limiting amino acid often lacking in adequate quantities in many plant proteins. A very easily assimilated form of natural calcium and vitamin E.

Organic Honey

Organic Honey transparentHoney has a long history of human consumption and has been used as a medicinal food as long as man has existed. We use organic honey as a natural preservative and enhancer. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

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